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PV Ballerz Basketball Club sets out to benefit today’s youth through the sport of basketball. We would appreciate your help for this year’s campaign. As our AAU season begins in the spring of 2014, our fundraising efforts start now. Our goal is to raise money so that travel accommodations, tournament fees, practice time as well as equipment and uniform expenses can be subsidized by various donations. This will enable our team to participate, compete and gain prominent exposure in the Amateur Athletic Union.

Our volunteers and members are committed to having the children trained by dedicated coaches that foster an environment which, emphasizes athletic excellence, physical and mental discipline, self-esteem, leadership and sportsmanship. This commitment is essential in order for each player to reach their full potential.

Our Goals:
  • Encourage the pursuit of achieving both individual and team goals
  • Promote sportsmanship
  • Show respect for individuals, including teammates and competitors alike
  • Develop core offensive and defensive fundamentals
  • Provide a fun and winning environment for players
  • Learn and teach discipline under the concept of T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)
  • Dream-building

Our team will travel and compete throughout the state of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. When opportunities present themselves, the team will play nationally to expand the level of exposure they receive from institutions of higher education and ideally an opportunity to explore the possibility of athletic scholarship offers.

In addition to providing the highest quality of coaching and fundamental skill development, our ambition is aimed toward keeping the youth of today in the classroom and steered away from negative influences. We value the importance of education, service and appreciation for the community and our teams philosophy encompasses these elements of emphasis.